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Located in the Oceanfront study area, Seatack is bordered by the Oceana Naval Air Station to the west, the resort beach area to the east, on the north by Interstate 264 and on the south by General Booth Boulevard.

In the News

August 02, 2016

Historic preservation grants focus on Seatack and Virginia Beach’s black history

In the first year of a grant program, the city’s historic preservation group recently gave just under $3,000 to support research of local black history.

Half of the six grants awarded by the Virginia Beach Historic Preservation Commission were dedicated to recording parts of the city’s African American history, specifically in Seatack, where community members are fighting for recognition and consideration in development plans.

On-Target Neighborhood Aid

"When the City renovated, it developed such pride in our neighborhood.  Things that we had just overlooked before, we seemed to become more aware, of our yards, of our roads." - Sadye Shaw, Civic League President

February 25, 1996

Targeted for Change

Seatack was one of 12 neighborhoods identified 20 years ago as pockets of poverty in need of help.  Two decades later, residents such as Sadie Shaw say redevelopment efforts have been a blessing and a curse.​

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Seatack seal

Seatack Civic League website

VB Target Neighborhood

City of Virginia Beach Target Neighborhoods program report - history and background, 1998

Seatack - before

Section of Seatack neighborhood prior to Target program

Seatack - after

Section of Seatack neighborhood prior to Target program

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