AACC Star Philanthropists of the Season

Rob and Donna's Challenge

Why we give..........

If a philanthropist is a person who donates time, money, experience, skills, or talents to help create a better community, then Rob and Donna Turner are proud philanthropists. Both are long-term entrepreneurs -- he's a tax accountant and she's a management consultant -- and believe that a vibrant and healthy community is built on the modest, consistent, and positive actions of people who build on the achievements of others. They know that the AACC will serve as a focal point for “telling the stories” that trace the positive accomplishments of African-Americans in our city and region. Like Rev. McCollum, both Rob and Donna believe that the AACC is an important and necessary resource for educating and inspiring the next generations of our community. They are proud to be a part of this historic undertaking and encourage others to match their challenge grant of $5000, given over 3 years, to help with design, construction, and operation of the Center.

Donna often speaks of the "philanthropic mindset" as she describes how giving to causes such as the AACC enriches her life, engages her empathy, and extends her connection in the community. In a similar way, Rob has actively cultivated a sense of responsible giving. His strong financial background appreciates the opportunity to give to organizations that are trustworthy and that support well-run programs. Together, they "give what they can to what they care about" in an open and public way, with the hope that their philanthropy and challenge grant will serve as a model to encourage others to donate to the AACC.


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