VAACC’s 2020 Bi-Annual E-Newsletter!

Summer Greetings!


Greetings and welcome to VAACC’s 2020 Bi-Annual E-Newsletter!

Even though we are navigating uncharted waters during COVID-19, compounded by social and civil unrest, organizations like VAACC are here to uplift your spirits through the Arts. We are committed to heightening your historical awareness of our human resilience as we address this new normalcy by drawing solace through the Performing, Fine and Literary Arts. Our history and culture, struggles and accomplishments over the past 400 years, as part of the fabric of America’s story, are more crucial now than ever. Therefore, we are pleased to share our activities over the last seven months, despite this global pandemic. It’s about making lemonade out of lemons and we appreciate our Board of Directors, volunteers and social media staff for diligently, yet carefully, working when possible within the community. This newsletter will showcase the list of this year’s new members and introduce our new Vice President, W. Terry Cohen, and the Chair of our Membership Drive Committee, Shevette Jones. We are embracing the virtual world and sharing historical as well as current newsworthy events through our social media venues while actively partnering with other cultural organizations to address civic and social issues. Our dream is to build an interactive learning cultural center that brings people together in a warm inclusive, yet, diverse environment, people who value the creative spirits of humanity. We set personal and collective biases aside and embrace equity, equality and inclusiveness, relying on cultivating and communicating peacefully to champion relevant causes. We sincerely thank you for your support and commitment to one day see the 1st Virginia African American Cultural Center building rise up in Virginia’s largest and most populous City. ~ Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond, Founder and Chairman


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